Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Defense of Rob Zombie

I love Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes. I know it’s an unpopular opinion among horror fans & that the only acceptable opinion is, “Fuck the Halloween remakes” or “Well, the first remake wasn’t terrible, but fuck the second remake & the original is far superior”, but I like to form my own visceral opinion when I watch a horror movie & not let the popular opinion guide me.
Like most people, I am wary when the classics are remade, but I remember reading in an interview that Rob Zombie said it’s nearly impossible to get an original script made into a film nowadays, that the studios want remakes. I found it both brave & creative of Zombie to take a classic & make it his own; to not mimic something that’s already been done, but tell the same story in a different way, that’s what makes a remake worthy of our time, otherwise we’re just watching something dull & lifeless, something wholly unnecessary because it has literally already been done. If I’m going to watch a remake, I want to see something unique & whether you enjoyed Zombie’s interpretation or not, it can’t be argued: it is nothing like the original. We’re presented with two vastly different versions of the same story & that is how you do a remake.
If offered both sets of films with the understanding that I am aware of the merits of both, I’m going to choose the remakes. In fact, I dislike the original Halloween 2 & thought Rob Zombie’s idea for a Halloween sequel was way more inspired. I watched it during a really emotional time in my life, so maybe I was just trying to connect with something, but both Suicideblonde & I loved it.
I do like the original Halloween. It’s a great spooky story, Jamie Lee Curtis is outstanding & the score fills me with a delicious dread. I grew up with the movie so, for nostalgia’s sake, I enjoy a re-watch, especially in the autumn. However, if I want to be truly frightened & watch a really meaty set of horror movies that are going to excite me, I’m going with Zombie.
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  1. That's what I'M talkin' about!! After Carpenter's original, every movie in the series was total shit (secret cults, the man in black, LL Cool J) yet Halloween fans defend them and beat the shit outta RZ!? I don't get it.

    People were even saying H2 was "too violent"and "why do they have to swear so much?"...are you kidding me?!

    Rob Zombie's versions, while not perfect, are remakes done right. And the more I listen to RZ bashers, the more it sounds like they're just making up reasons to hate on him as they go along.

    Fuck em!