Sunday, June 12, 2011

Please Don't Hit Me, Mom (1981)

This is an epic installment in retro ABC family entertainment. It stars a young Sean Astin in his first movie role, his real-life Mom Patty Duke & Nancy McKeon (Jo from Facts Of Life). In the movie, which was originally filmed as a part of the ABC After-School Special program, but was so awesome that it aired in prime-time, is about a young boy’s babysitter discovering that his Mom is abusing him. What an astounding straight-forward title for the film, what a kitsch choice to have baby-Sean play the son to his camp superstar of a mother. I’m getting shivers of delight just recalling it!

Oh how I loved Sean in the 80s & 90s. His ruddy cheeks & wide earnest eyes drove me wild. Of course I watched my tape of The Goonies until it barely performed, but I also watched Encino Man like, 500 times solely for Astin. I watched Toy Soldiers & was positive Sean was going to be my first. I wept at Rudy because my heart was made 10 times bigger simply by watching Sean cry.

Further important Astin/Duke family facts: John Astin, Sean’s adopted father, played Gomez Addams on the original Addams Family TV series. Mackenzie Astin, Sean’s brother, isn’t his biological relation, but they still totally sort of look alike. Once an Astin, always an Astin! I wish I was an Astin.

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