Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Market Day, June 16th 2011

Thursday's market was a little more plentiful, but so far there's really just a good selection of tomatoes, which is fine by me because I cannot get enough tomatoes in my life. All week I've been finding excuses to eat them, at one point just layering slices on a piece of dry bread. We did find some pretty peppers, a gorgeous head of lettuce for a dollar & took home the last pint of strawberries from the only vendor selling berries. They were a flavour sensation! We also treated ourselves to a loaf of seed bread & tasted the olive bread from A Bread Affair. I like A Bread Affair, but my favourite local place to buy delicious breads is European Breads Bakery. We are addicted to the quinoa bread - so yummy!

Total cost: $17.25

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