Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Guess who has two thumbs, speaks limited Elvish & saw the extended edition of Fellowship in the theatre tonight? This Im! SB & I were walking home from a Aglar* day at the beach & she noticed that the EE of Fellowship was playing at a theatre we were strolling by. Not only was it exactly a half-hour before it was due to begin, but it was cheap-ticket-Tuesday so we made the best impromptu decision of our lives since the last time we made the impromptu decision to see ROTK in the theatre, and for 12 bucks! The usher was super excited for us. "Come in," he encouraged, "it's 3 hours and 44 minutes long!" Don't mind if I do, enthusiastic usher!

Best of all, the theatre was nearly deserted, we ended up sharing the room with only 5 other people - and they were all alone! One guy, who is our god, by the way & who I kind of hope is reading this, excitedly answered a trivia question during the "pre-show" where the multiple choice options were: Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal or James Franco. "Franco," he responded with confidence. And he was correct. Then he laughed at an Axe Body Spray commercial, continually wrinkled a bag of what I can only imagine was a jumbo sized sack of potato chips, laughed at a sincere moment in the movie & just thoroughly enjoyed himself. Usually people like him upset me in a movie theatre, but I think someone who can bring awkward to a LOTR Tuesday Night Viewing deserves recognition. Bravo, good sir. Plus his antics encouraged us to choose a closer seat farther away from him & it ended up causing the film to absorb us completely. I'm pretty sure we were in the movie.

And I totally cried when Boromir died. Big fat tears of loss. I was also super into Aragorn & Boromir's relationship - their love was raw & pure. To the fanfic archives!

* That's Elvish for glorious, nerds.

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  1. That is MAGICAL. I am overwhelmed with joy for you. Gosh. <3